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Where you want to use Azure???

April 22, 2017 Events Global Azure Boot Camp 0

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Idea’s about where and when will you use Azure?

“I want to use Azure for Risk Analysis or prediction for the risks that may arise in building up my application for real time temperature detection or disaster analysis, weather forecasting etc. Just in case to host my website i will definitely use Azure.” by: Rabiraj Khadka (Participant)

“To make real time temperature monitoring  like maintaining  on n off of the fan using IOT devices using  Azure. ” by: Sandeep Khambu (Participant)

“To Host Official Web Application”. by: Parash Dangol (Participant)

“To use in it in different form of Nature. when i have to use something Online,  to check some of my internal system being online. It to so hard to use something in single Network when the branch of the office is in different places simply scale-able is easy using Azure for regular updates and inspection of my work online or my company’s Website ” By: Dipesh Rahut (LABA)

“To host web Application, To access something being online in a simple manner, to set up Virtual Machine. Cloud Computing is easy because some of the Task will not be PC dependent.” by. Madhav Chaurasiya (Participant)

“Normally for Deployment, In exception i want to host my mobile application using NodeJS through Azure because cross platform of azure is much more reliable and trustworthy also to add web services to my mobile application i want to use azure” by: Marut Dhungana (Participant)

“I simply want to use it for Storage. Online storage account of azure will be most usable for me. since i want to use it for the storage of images that are going to be uploaded in future.” by: Jeevan Katwal (Participant)

“I want to use it for web application for deployment, to deploy Virtual Machine, Database Server, load balancer etc and numerous new features intended to let Microsoft shops easily migrate all or part of their server infrastructure and applications to Microsoft’s cloud” by: David Silwal (Participant)







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