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What Machine Learning Is ?

April 21, 2018 ASP.NET Blogs Cognitive Services Global Azure Boot Camp 0

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Data + Output = Program

Thats what Machine learning is. If we can differentiate between Machine Learning or Deep Learning or AI? As like sofiya the robo is a achievement of Machine Learning AI .

What Machine needs to become successful tenuare for AI

Mr. Nishan Aryal Speaking on Microsoft Machine Learning and AI

What Machine Learning is?

  • 1.Too Complex (When you can’t code it..)
  • 2. Too Much(When you can’t scale it..)
  • Too Specialized( When you have to adapt..)
  • Too robotic (When you can’t track it..)

Here what a complete AI system is. with the vast improving world,


What Azure ML services is?

Costly but most safer then any ML serivces.

And we can learn AI, Machine learning approaches with ML Studio in Azure.

Styles of ML Algorithms:

  • Regression
  • Decision Tree
  • Neural Network
  • Bayesian
  • k-means

The session is going fantastics with lots of Interested Participants,  who have so many queries to know what machine learning is?

What is the goal of Machine Learning is?

The goal of machine learning is to program Computer to use exampe data or past experieces to solve a given Problem

Some Successful experience with Azure ML is “CORTONA ANALYTICS TOOL.”


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