Global Azure Boot Camp | OULU

Learn Cognitive services and connect them to your applications.

A lot of stickers and Subscription to their products
Subscriptions, Food and a lot of love
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Global Azure Boot Camp | Oulu


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Global Azure Boot Camp 2017

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Future of IoT at NAMI

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The Cloud Power Techno Share V4

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News & Updates

Wtf session with devlabers

A session was organize between the devlabers to understand azure. Mahesh Initiated and run the session. Everytime when someone talks about azure the first thing that comes to devlabers is[…]

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March 23, 2019 0

Migrating Custom Vision Trial to Azure Subscription

Microsoft has been providing trial of custom vision AI that provides capabilities to train the system to detect object or classify them as required. However, the trial works only for[…]

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February 22, 2019 0

Guest Introduction(Sochware)

Introduction of TEAM SOCHWARE Tech Geek Girl Miss Eda Rijal Sochware is team of Tech enthusiast working to apply technology for development of agriculture ecosystem. Three co-founders Eeda Rijal, Shishir[…]

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April 21, 2018 0
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